Student Billboard Design Contest

Annual billboard designs from Paulding County students


Student’s Artwork to be Displayed on County Billboards

This fall, Becky Suvar, Manager of the WMEA Program, spoke to all the fourth grade students throughout the county.  She spoke about litter prevention, reduce, reuse, and recycle, closing the loop, and other environmental issues.

After explaining to the students what they could recycle, Mrs. Suvar showed them what natural resources were used:  renewable – such as trees, and other resources that are not renewable – such as iron ore or bauxite.

Another point Mrs. Suvar covered was the fourth grade poster contest.  A contest where each fourth grader would create artwork that had the potential of going up on a billboard.  Since there are six Elementary schools and only 4 billboards, there was some intense competition.  The judging was very difficult as there were so many good pictures submitted.  However, the judges persevered and four pieces of artwork were chosen.  These pictures are going up at the beginning of December, so if you are traveling through Paulding County, you may see some of our great artists’ work.

Listed below are the billboard winners and where their artwork will be displayed.

2017 Billboard Winners:

 Amelia Graham– Antwerp Elementary – on 424
Riley Manz – Grover Hill Elementary – US 114
Sayge Belcher – Oakwood Elementary – US 613
Stella Laukhuf, Payne Elementary – US north 127

Along with these winners, there were first place winners from each school.  Their artwork was in the running for a billboard and the judges decided they needed to be recognized as well.

Antwerp – Brianna Dzib
Divine Mercy – Griffin Williamson
Grover Hill – Lance Whitman
Oakwood – Hunter Harwell
Paulding – Colten Hunt
Payne – Chase Pack

Congratulations go out to each of these students for winning.  The WMEA Program appreciates the opportunity to share environmental issues to students in Paulding County.

Amelia Graham

Antwerp Elementary

Riley Manz

Grover Hill Elementary

Sayge Belcher

Oakwood Elementary

Stella Laukhuf

Payne Elementary