Recycling promotes green living by reducing the amount of waste materials buried in landfills. Goods made with recycled materials create less water pollution, and using recycled items as a means to manufacture other items uses less energy.


Harvesting timber from forests and tropical areas damages and destroys natural habitats and canopies. These habitats provide the means for hunting, protection from predators, nesting platforms and areas for wildlife to raise their young.

Natural Resources

By recycling reusable materials, the impact on natural resources, such as water, timber, natural habitats and land, is lessened.


Global warming is a concern for the environment. By recycling whenever possible, reducing the amount of unhealthy greenhouse gas omissions into the atmosphere is possible.

At WMEA, we are committed to helping our community take part in renewing our resources through recycling initiatives. By encouraging everyone to reduce waste, reuse what we can, and recycling, we can help make Paulding County a clean and safe place to live.

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